Rare Types of Sunrooms

No other room provides the luxury of viewing the beauty outdoors, enjoying the comfort of your home like a sunroom in San Jose. Because of the large glass walls, small number of partitions, the room will receive a lot of sunlight, which will create a sense of unity with nature. 

When you start exploring sunrooms, you may be surprised at how many different types exist. Types of sunrooms depend on many factors, among others:

  • How to fit it flawlessly into the existing structure of the house.
  • How you plan to use the space and how often.
  • Type of material used for the roof of the room.
  • Needs for heating, cooling and insulation.

Different classifications of sunrooms have different characteristics and features, as well as different purposes. Types of sunroom designs are known under several different names, but most of them can be grouped into categories defined: gable, shed, conservatory, and solarium.

Rare Types of Sunrooms


  • It consists of two roof panels, which are supported by a central beam with panels tilted in opposite directions, so the ceiling looks like the ceiling of the cathedral.
  • It is possible to choose screen walls instead of glass ones.
  • The structure can be easily designed for any house.


  • Single pent roof, which rolls off the house.
  • You can choose screen walls instead of glass.
  • The structure can be easily designed to fit any house.


  • It consists of a skinny frame, glass walls and glass or polycarbonate roof, which are segmented with either aluminum or wooden beams.
  • Knee walls may include external finishing from home to create continuity between the two structures.
  • Originally designed for growing plants in warm weather.
  • Can be built as a freestanding structure.
  • Has a traditional appearance.


  • They consist of glass walls and glass or polycarbonate roofs, which are segmented with either aluminum or wooden beams.
  • They are structures with a slope and are usually built with a single or gable roof.
  • The walls and roof are connected by a continuous bend.
  • Knee walls may include external finishing from home to create continuity between the two structures.
  • Has a modern appearance.

How to Choose Which Sunroom Is Right for You

Choosing the right sunroom for you is a very personal choice that requires you to consider many aspects of your lifestyle and budget. When you are weighing your sunroom choices, these are the main points you need to consider when making your decision:

Choosing the right sunbed for you is a very personal choice that requires you to consider many aspects of your lifestyle and budget. When you are weighing your sunbed choices, these are the main points you need to consider when making your decision:

  • Use and Lifestyle: The way you intend to use your tanning bed in the first place will determine the types of features you will need from your tanning bed, which will help you decide on your lifestyle choices.
  • Frequency of use: If you want to have a tanning bed for extra useful space and for creating a daily sanctuary, the four seasons option may make the most sense.
  • Architecture and design: When choosing the right type of solarium for your home, you should consider the architectural elements of the exterior of your property. Think about how the tanning bed may affect the appearance of your home, and what roof design will add style to it according to your tastes.
  • Sunshine and warmth: Think about the level of light from the sun that you like. Some people cannot get enough direct sunlight, while others are sensitive to its heat. 
  • Budget: Last but not least, you should consider your budget for this investment. There are ways to save money, and there are ways to invest in additional features. 

Sunrooms are not only an addition to your home, but can also be a place where you can easily escape from everyday life without leaving your home. Since sunrooms are custom made, make sure you carefully consider all options before making your final decision.

What to consider when choosing a movable wall

If you have chosen on movable walls, then you are on the right path because this will lead to your company being at a different level higher than its initial one. https://cghardware.com/ The image, its arrangement, as well as the work structure, will improve dearly. After now deciding on these walls, then there are some key aspects you need to know about them that can make you prefer one to the other. However, for all of them, the advantages below apply: https://cghardware.com/sliding-glass-door-hardware-kit/

  • All of them are flexible to changes in the office layout.
  • They all have special features that give the office a good image as compared to the others.
  • To lay down movable walls, it would only take a few hours as compared to drywalls, which would take you several days.
  • The modular walls we make can be recycled since some of their parts are made from recycled materials; hence they are environment-friendly.

What To Consider

  • There are modular walls designed to suite privacy and also others that suite openness. It is all upon you to choose which one you prefer depending on the management and structure of your organization. You can even decide to have both if your organization sections of individualism as well as that for teamwork. https://cghardware.com/glass-door-handle/
  • There are also walls designed with partial height and others with full height. The ones with partial height allow the workers to have an open environment where they can interact in the course of duty. The full height ones are designed to enhance privacy and prevent distractions from fellow colleagues. These walls can be opaque, but there are also some having binds that you can draw if necessary.
  • In case you would desire a wall that is soundproof or one which permits sound to be heard from any point, then you can also make your choice. This also depends on the office structure because you cannot purchase soundproof walls in an organization where teamwork is enhanced; neither can you do the opposite in an organization where individualism is enhanced.
  • There are modular walls designed to permit fitting in of some technological elements within the organization, such as electric cables. Those with no such spaces are also present. In case your organization has some electronic devices that are to be fitted, then you should prefer a wall with such spaces, but if not interested, then there is no need for purchasing such walls. https://cghardware.com/glass-railing-systems/glass-railing-hardware/

It is better to assess your organization and find out which are its needs. Does it need a movable wall? And if so, then which type suits it best? After making this assessment, then you can call us and have us lay a well-designed modular wall for your organization. We can also help you with the assessment issues in case you find it difficult to arrive at a suitable decision.

Glass Company Crystalia Glass LLC

The glass railing system provides a sleek and elegant appearance wherever it is installed. It gives a clear and open view of the surrounding apart from providing safety on decks and staircases. Crystalia Glass provides high quality, durable and stylish glass railing systems for the staircase, balustrade, decks, balcony, and fences. crystaliaglass.com/glassrailing/glass-railing-for-staircase/

You are guaranteed to get high-quality glass railing installations at an affordable price and timely installation. You can reach us with a single phone call or by a filled out request form at our official website for an initial discussion and get a free estimation for your glass railing requirements.

1. Types of railing systems you can choose.

There are different types of glass railing systems each suitable for different purposes. Some of the glass railing types are.

a. Frameless glass railing.

A Frameless glass railing is ideal when you need an uninterrupted view of the beautiful surroundings where it is installed. It does not have a frame border or any visible or supportive structures that block the view. The glass panels are strongly fixed to the base using base screens, clamp posts, and windscreen clamps. They are primarily installed for the balcony, decks and rooftop terraces.

This type is used for 4 season sunrooms.

b. Frameless glass railings.

Frameless glass railings provide a conventional and study looking architecture. It has a visible frame, handrails and cable posts. They are very strong and offer great protection against accidents. They are specifically installed when you have children and pets at home who needs to be protected from an accidental fall.

This type is often used for glass partitions in Canada.

c. Tempered glass railing.

Tempered glass railing is extremely stronger than conventional glass and highly resistant to scratches and breakage. In the case of shattering, shards or small broken glass formed from a tempered glass is smaller and blunt to minimize injuries. It is a popular choice of glass railing system when safety is a high priority.

This type is less popular for using in USA and Canada.

2. Advantages of the glass railing system.

Glass railing systems provide a modern and elegant look to any deck or staircase. It also provides a clear view of the surrounding beauty and protects from accidental falls. The other advantages of a glass railing system include.

a. Low maintenance.

Glass railings do not need intensive care and maintenance. It does not need any form of treatment or painting to retain its durability. You need to clean it regularly with soap and water.

b. Resistant to rust and corrosion.

The glass panels and handrails in the glass rails are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They retain their lust and shine as long as they are maintained regularly.

c. Durable and withstands high temperatures.

Glass railings are specifically designed to offer durability and withstand all harsh weather conditions. Tempered glass panels are heat treated and are highly stronger than conventional glass.

d. Highly customizable.

Glass railings can be customized to any requirement and type. They can be installed on any surface, shape, curvature, and length that needs to bound and protected.

e. Easy to install.

Glass railings are light in weight and easy to assemble and reassemble. Its simple design and fixtures make it easy to install without any heavy tools.

f. Easy to clean.

You can easily clean the glass railing with a damp cloth and soapy water to get a clean and sparkling surface.

g. Provide an uninterrupted view.

Glass railings provide a transparent and uninterrupted view and also allow to light to pass through them.

h. Aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Glass railings add aesthetically pleasing appearance to the interior as well as the exterior decor of your house. Its delicate and subtle design creates a pleasing environment. It is a minimalistic fixture that gives a modern and elegant look that matches any decor and style. More information about railing here

3. Railing systems by Crystalia Glass.

Crystalia Glass installs a durable and high-quality railing system for a wide range of applications. We have well trained and certified technicians with vast experience in designing and installing a glass railing system. Our glass railing systems suitable for both residential and commercial properties and customized for various purposes. Some of the glass railing systems that we specialize in include.

a. Staircase.

We design and install a customized glass railing system for every type of stair railing. We install strong glass stair railings that look perfect and last longer. We offer you a wide variety of choice that perfectly matches your home decor and requirements.

b. Balustrade.

Our Glass balustrades are highly reliable and safe that provides the look of extended space. It is light in weight and has a high transparent glass with sleek hardware.

c. Balcony.

We have expertise in the quick installation of Glass railing for a balcony with a variety of glass types. Our expert team designs a creative and customized railing for your balcony that meets your aspirations.

d. Deck and outdoors.

Glass railing systems for decks are installed with high quality and transparent glass. It has a wide range of glasses of various colors, etches and imprints, finishings that best suit style and options for you to choose from.

e. Fencing water pools.

Glass pool fences ideal for guarding the children and monitor them with clear views. Our glass fences all highly durable and corrosion-resistant as it lasts long and withstands harsh weather conditions.

You can get these professional high-quality glass railing installations from Crystalia Glass when you reach us. Our expert and skilled technicians provide you glass railing systems that guarantee 100% satisfaction and long-lasting glass railing system. You can get a reliable and safe glass railing systems at an affordable price and assured peace of mind.

                    The company offers products such as glass partitions

Using glass partitions in your office space is an effective way of modernizing your office space. As well as adding a contemporary edge to your workplace, glass partitioning also has a range of benefits including:

Glass partitions will maximize your space by sectioning your office for a range of functions; another meeting room, a social area or private office space. crystaliaglass.com/glass-partitions/

A glass partition will optimize your space.

A glass partition will also allow for natural light to illuminate your office and reduce energy costs.

We will tailor the glass partition to suit the amount of natural light, corporate identity, fire and safety procedures, and your total budget.

We offer a free no-obligation site survey where we identify and show you the best way of utilizing glass partitions in your office space, so feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.